Welcome To BIMRAD

 Welcome to Bangladesh Institute of Maritime Research and Development (BIMRAD), the first maritime research organisation in the country. BIMRAD was established in 03 July 2018. The Institute is patronised by Bangladesh Navy. The initiation of the BIMRAD lies in a long-felt need to enrich maritime sector and to fill intellectual void by providing a common platform for discourse amongst maritime related institutions, organisations, think tanks and disciplines of the country. In broader sense to augment maritime awareness of policy-makers and civil society.
The aim is to bring all stakeholders onboard, carry out research on maritime affairs, security, exploration and conservation of sea resources, maritime science & technology, maritime tourism, maritime pollution, biodiversity, marine ecology, coastal disaster, marine renewable energy and climate change impact, food security, adaptation for development of policy option, enhance public awareness through seminar, conference, workshops, training and symposium and put forward recommendations for the decision makers on maritime strategy for the country.
To achieve the above aim, BIMRAD is committed to build an independent maritime research platform consisting of all stakeholders, maritime thinkers, retired personnel, dedicated scholars and professionals who would have the opportunity to carry out research on whole extent of maritime domain especially focusing on the areas concerning Bangladesh.

Research Area

Maritime Affairs & Security

  • Maritime Governance
  • Maritime Operation
  • Maritime Terrorism and Piracy
  • Maritime Strategy and Security
  • Maritime History and Heritage
  • Maritime Environment and Pollution
  • Maritime Law, Convention and Protocol
  • Climate Change & Adaptation
  • Maritime Conflicts

Maritime Governance
  • Maritime Security Governance in the Indian Ocean Region
  • The Growth of Bangladesh's Navy: Implications for Bay of Bengal Security
  • The ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative’ and Naval Diplomacy of China
  • Maritime Governance in the Indian Ocean Region – Aspects and Alternate Perspective
  • The Driving Forces for Naval Modernisation
  • Benchmarking of Shipyards and Processes for Cost Effective Naval Shipbuilding
  • Implementation of Maritime Legal Instruments
  • Evaluation of Maritime Law and Policy at International, Regional and National Levels
  • Application of International Law and Policy to Non-Conventional Vessels

Maritime Operation (Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief & Salvage)
  • Maritime Search and Rescue Plan
  • Disaster Management: Role of BN
  • Crisis Management: Role of BN
  • Maritime Search and Rescue Policy of Bangladesh
  • Sustainable Maritime Operations
  • Technical Aspects of Maritime Operations
  • Crisis Management and the Anti-Access/Area Denial Problem for Bangladesh Navy.
  • Integration of Maritime Resources in Crisis Situation

Maritime Terrorism and Piracy

  • Maritime Piracy in the Southeast Asia
  • Learning from Piracy: Future Challenges of Maritime Security Governance
  • Maritime Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Trends, Challenges and Way Ahead
  • Piracy and Maritime Governance in the Indian Ocean
  • Maritime Terrorism and Piracy in the Indian Ocean Region
  • The Future of Maritime Piracy
  • Terrorism, Piracy and Illegal Migration at Sea
  • Application of International Law and Policy to Non-Conventional Vessels

Maritime Strategy and Security
  • Strategic Rivalry Among the Great Powers
  • Maritime Disputes in the Bay of Bengal
  • Marine Security in Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Maritime Security Challenges in the Indian Ocean Region
  • Modernization of the Bangladesh Navy- Strategic Expansion
  • Maritime Security Challenges: Case Study of Bay of Bengal
  • Transnational Security Issues
  • Impacts of Geopolitics upon Maritime Security
  • Maritime Security and Sea Port State Control
  • Threat of Maritime Terrorism: Issues for the Asia-Pacific Region
  • The Future of Maritime Security Environment in Asia
  • Marine Fisheries Management: Challenges in Security Aspects and Way Forward
  • China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and Southeast Asia
  • Perceptions of Security and the Utility of Sea Power
  • Maritime Security in Bangladesh: Challenges, Aspects and Future Aim
  • Maritime Domain Awareness in Southeast Asia
  • Maritime Security Studies- Approaches, Challenges and Prospects
  • Maritime Strategies of Rising Powers
  • Non-Traditional Maritime Security Threats
  • Security on Autonomous Ships in International Oceans
  • China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative: Political-Economic Calculations
  • China-India Initiatives at Sea: Approaches, Trends, and Challenges
  • Progressing Maritime Security Cooperation
  • Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean Region- Risk Management Aspects and Challenges
  • Regional Risk Management Aspects: Offshore Oil and Gas Safety
  • Maritime Cooperation: Challenges and Way Ahead
  • Maritime Cooperation: Lessons for Other Littoral Countries
  • Regional Cooperation for Maritime Security: Perspective of Bangladesh
  • Twenty-First Century Sea Power: Cooperation and Conflict at Sea
  • Maritime Security and Bangladesh: Cooperation, Interests, and Strategies
  • Emergence for Strategic Maritime Security Partnerships
  • Blue Economy in Southeast Asia
  • The Geopolitical Dimension of Maritime Security
  • Cooperative Security in the Asia-Pacific: The ASEAN Regional Forum
  • Dimension of Maritime Strategy: Role of Bangladesh Navy and Relevant Stakeholders
  • New Dimension of Maritime Strategy: Evolving Approaches to Economic Diplomacy
  • Maritime Challenges and Priorities in Implications for Regional Security
  • Security Aspects for Maritime Trade: A Cooperative and Coordinated Approach for the Indo-Pacific Region
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Maritime Economy, Skillset & Sea Resources

  • Sea Resources Exploration and Exploitation
  • Maritime Tourism
  • H R and Skillset Development
  • Maritime Trade and Transport
  • Maritime Organization and Restructuring
  • Ports, Maritime Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Ship Building, Repair and Ship Recycling
  • Marine Pollution, Biodiversity & Ecosystem
  • Inland Waterways

Sea Resources Exploration and Exploitation
  • Marine Fisheries Sector Sub-Strategy of Bangladesh
  • Technology Dissemination and Extension Services Activated by Department of Fisheries in South West Region of Bangladesh
  • Fisheries Subsidies and Marine Resource Management
  • Policies to Promote Sustainable Management of the Marine Fisheries in Bangladesh
  • Natural Resource Management: Managing Industrial Marine Fisheries of Bangladesh
  • Command and Control in Marine Fisheries Management: Evidence from Bangladesh
  • Natural Resource Management: An Overview of Marine Capture Fisheries of Bangladesh
  • Technical Efficiency and Productivity of the Industrial Marine Fisheries of Bangladesh.
  • Economic Efficiency of the Industrial Marine Fisheries of Bangladesh: A Bio-Economic Analysis
  • A Critical Analysis of Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management in Bangladesh With Lessons from Global Practices
  • Coastal and Ocean Management: Global Concepts and Practices
  • Best Coastal and Ocean Management Practices: Lessons from Around the World
  • Coastal and Ocean Resources Management in Bangladesh
  • The Effectiveness of Coastal and Ocean Management in Bangladesh: A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis
  • A Background Paper for Bangladesh Fisheries Value Chain Study
  • National Fishery Policy of Bangladesh
  • Fish and Fisheries Product Export; A Statistical Analysis
  • Fishing Grounds and Stock Assessment for Marine Fishing of Bay of Bengal
  • Marine Fisheries Stock Assessment by Various Methods
  • Fisheries Management Scenario in Sundarbans, Bangladesh
  • Ongoing Fisheries Value Chain Studies: A Case Study on BOB Fisheries Resources
  • Legal Instruments, Policies, Strategies, And Plans, Related to Fisheries, Environment, and Coastal & Marine Resources of Bangladesh
  • Key Management Measures Related to Fisheries in BoB
  • Marine Fisheries Management, Resource Conservation & Critical Habitat Protection
  • An Overview of Protected Areas in the Coastal Zone of Bangladesh
  • Land-Based Pollution Affecting the Bay of Bengal Area of Bangladesh
  • Major National/Donor Assisted Projects in the BOBLME Area that are Relevant to the BOBLME Project; Their Findings and Probable Recommendations as Well
  • BIMSTEC Deep-Sea Resource Survey (2007); Major Findings with Solutions
  • Different Institutions Involved in Activities Relevant to BOBLME Project; Their Capacity Assessment and Rate of Contributions
  • Historical Background of Sea Weed and the Culture System of Different Species in BD with Their Economic Significance
  • Sea Grass and It’s Ecological as Well as Economic Importance
  • Salt Marsh with It’s Both Ecological and Economical Importance
  • Resource Mapping of Different Island and Coastal Belt of Bangladesh
  • Crab Culture
  • Aquarium Fishes
  • Benthic Organisms

Maritime Tourism & Eco-Tourism Issues

  • Impact of Tourism in Bangladesh Economy
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Eco-Tourism Marketing in Bangladesh
  • Economic Contribution of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh
  • Strategic Management of Tourism Sector in Bangladesh to Raise Gross Domestic Product
  • Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism in Cox’sbazar: A Study on Local Residents Attitudes
  • Tourism Structural Facilities in Bangladesh
  • Impact of Tourism Industries on the Agricultural Sectors
  • Tourism and Development
  • Boosting Tourism
  • Impact of Different Development Activities on Tourism

Trade and Transport Issues

  • Blue Economy: Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal Regional Cooperation
  • Major Opportunities of Blue Economy Development in Bangladesh
  • Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in Bangladesh
  • Commercial Fishing Ground Sustainability and Fisheries Stock Assessment There by in BOB
  • Habitat Identification: Valuable and Important Species Such as Tenulosa Hilsa and Shrimps
  • Blue Growth Strategy Towards More Sustainable Growth and Jobs in the Blue Economy of Bangladesh
  • Prospects & Problems of Blue Economy Development in Bangladesh with Putting Forward of Some Probable Recommendations
  • Mainstreaming of Blue Economy & Sustainable Development in Bangladesh
  • Review on Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges of Blue Economy Development in Bangladesh
  • Marine Biomedicine; Production, Processing and Manufacturing Activities of Marine Based Medicines and Marine Health Care Products by Using Organisms as Raw Materials
  • Seaborne Trade in Bangladesh: Future Challenges
  • Adjudication of Maritime Claims in Bangladesh: Issues, Prospects and Challenges
  • Growth of Different Modes of Transportation
  • Maritime Trade Background and Present Situation
  • Challenges and Prospects of Maritime Trades
  • Capacity Building Assessment of Maritime Transports System of Bangladesh
  • Cargo Shipping
  • Oil Tanker Transport in BOB
  • Modernization of Maritime Trade and Transport of Bangladesh
  • Merchant Vessel of BD
  • Research Vessel and Their Capacity Assessment
  • Public Private Partnership of Maritime Transport in BD
  • Maritime Transportation Policy in BD
  • Maritime Renewable Energy Production and Technology
  • Modern Marine Technology and Innovation Linked to Energy Production
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling to Produce Renewable Energy
  • Existing Situation and Projections of Unconventional Dynamisms
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Maritime Science & Tecnology

  • Ship Design
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Weapons and Sensors
  • Equipment/ Material Standardization
  • Hydro Acoustics and Hydrographic Survey
  • Oceanography, Hydrology and Meteorology
  • Maritime Technology and Equipment Development
  • Innovative Technology (Simulation, Robotics, Drone, Security Devices & Artificial Intelligence)

Study on Global Maritime Technology Trends 2030
  • Maritime Internet of Things (IoT): landscape in the Next Decade
  • Autonomous Surface Vessels Technology
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Drones
  • Robotics (Cognition, Versatile, Senses, Imitation, Adaptability)
  • Design of Emission and Pollution Free 

  • High Speed Radio for Real Time Video Communication 

  • System Integration 

  • Cyber Security 

  • Study on Maritime Based Control System (Like Machinery Control System, Gun Control System etc) 

  • Study on Any Other Topic Conforming to Maritime Technology

Ship Design

  • Smart Ship Design Considering Emission, Noise & Pollution Free Technology
  • Ship Design Considering Stealth Technology & Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous System

Study on Weapons & Sensors

  • Active Electronically Scanned Array 3D Multi-Function Radars for Anti-Surface Warfare/Antiaircraft Defence/Anti-Missile Defence Systems for Detection
  • Study on Maritime Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare
  • Tracking and Weapon Directing and Control for Engagement from Close-In to Long Ranges
  • Radars for Navigation and Coastal Surveillance and Capability for Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF)
  • Active SONAR Covering Wide Sonar Frequency Band and Advanced Signal Processing for Detection, Identification and Classification of Targets
  • Study on Long-Range Passive SONAR and Interceptors
  • Mixed Mode SONAR Operation for Submarine/Torpedo Detection Modes
  • Augmentation of Underwater Warfare by Mine Hunting Sonar, Towed Array, Dipping Sonar Torpedo Decoy Systems, MAD, Noise Maker
  • Wide Band Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM), ECM, ECCM for Comprehensive Electronic Warfare/Direction System
  • Modern Navigation System ECDIS, GPS, DGPS, Ring Laser Gyro, AIS, Log, Echo Sounder, Etc Integrated with The Weapons & Sensors Systems.
  • The Communication System with Secure Multi-Channel, Multi-Mode (Voice, Data, Multimedia), Surface and Space Communication, Software Defined Radio SDR, Cognitive Radio(CR), Uavs, Ubiquitous Network for System Integration
  • CAIO and CMS (CAIO Enables Seamless Data Transfer to and from Sensors, Weapons, and Navigation and Communication Systems; Provides Information Fusion with In-Built High Grade Security and Decision Support Aids; and Presents Various Tactical Pictures to the Command and Combat Team)
  • Study on Engaging Airborne Targets, Surface Targets,
  • Combined Multi-Barrel and Antimissile Capable Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), Point Defence, Cruise Missiles, Long-Range Surface-To-Air Missiles
  • Automatic Twin Barrel Electromagnetic Rail or Compact Stealth Turret with Capability of Firing Operator Selectable Different Types of Munitions
  • Submarine Born Weapons, Sea Skimming and High Diving Missiles
  • Airborne Weapons
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