Volunteer Recruitment

Bangladesh Institute of Maritime Research and Development (BIMRAD) has started its journey to conduct research on maritime affairs, security, exploration and conservation of sea resources, maritime science & technology, maritime tourism, maritime pollution, biodiversity, marine ecology, coastal disaster, marine renewable energy and climate change impact, food security, adaptation and so on. BIMRAD has taken initiatives to conduct research and run development projects focusing the maritime interest of Bangladesh. The institute always welcome researchers, students, academia, journalists, field workers and civil society to participate in ongoing and upcoming research and project activities of BIMRAD. If anyone wants to get involved in research and project activities of BIMRAD as a volunteer, S/He is invited to send application. The Executive Committee selects and nominates the list of volunteer for research and project works based upon the candidates’ experience and research knowledge.


The following facilities would be provided to the volunteer:

  • Participation in research and project activities;
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences of BIMRAD;
  • Access to BIMRAD in house library;
  • Access to BIMRAD e-library;
  • Avail Cooperation to conduct research and prepare thesis;
  • Certificate of Appreciation from BIMRAD;
  • Future Educational and Career Guideline;
  • Networking with national/international intellectuals and expertise in the maritime industry.