BIMRAD Acting Chairman Participated in the NESA/ NMF Bay of Bengal Maritime Workshop as Panellist

April 27, 2021

Rear Admiral M Lokmanur Rahman, NBP, NGP, ndu, psc, the Acting Chairman of BIMRAD participated in the Bay of Bengal Maritime Workshop on 27 April 2021 jointly organized by National Maritime Foundation (NMF) and Near East South Asia (NESA) Center as a panel discussant on the theme ‘Regional Dynamics, Challenges and Opportunities in the Bay of Bengal’. In his keynote speech, the acting Chairman of BIMRAD highlighted several issues such as energy security, economic integration, Rohingya crisis and its impact on the region, strategic competition in the Bay of Bengal and its implications. He also underlined the growing militarization and the changing security landscape in the Indian Ocean. In the speech, the acting Chairman urged for a strong partnership in the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean region among the regional and extra-regional nations and groupings to advance common interest areas such as trade, investment, disaster management, security and climate change.