PAAL Vol 02, Issue 03, November 2019

Maritime Engagement – A Voyage Towards a Developed Country
More than three billion people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods, most of them in developing countries.  Ocean-based industries, such as fisheries and tourism, are critical providers of employment and income. Too often, however, climate change, pollution and insufficient consideration for environmental and social sustainability are putting the ocean’s resources at risk, hampering the socio-economic benefits they could deliver for future generations. BIMRAD as a maritime institute has taken the initiative to act as a think tank to influence policy. The Blue Economy initiative of Bangladesh Government aims towards sustainable development by harnessing the economic potential of the sea. So we are to end our ‘sea blindness’ and grow our maritime domain awareness.
The launching of BIMRAD Journal on its 1st Anniversary has set a solid step towards reaching thoughtful readers and maritime researchers, and it has become the cover story of this issue.
The ocean economy is a new economic frontier that can help developing countries boost employment, reduce poverty and enhance food security. Commodore Kazi Emdadul Haq, BSP, ndu, psc (retd) has detailed the opportunities  and challenges in his writing how Bangladesh targets to become a developed country by 2041. We believe the readers will enjoy this thought provoking article.
Women can ‘man’ the marine outfits. ‘Man the ship’ is a term that was coined since the earliest days of sailing to mean that only men dared enough to go to sea professions. The age old concept is melting like ice. Rear Admiral K S Hossain (retd) with his witty language has depicted this historical changes from ancient time to current thoughts. It is a good read.
Oceans and seas abound with life, ranging from microscopic unicellular (one-celled) organisms to multicellular (many-celled) animals. Algae is an important life form in the ocean. Life in the ocean is maintained in balance by forces of nature and by predator–prey relationships. An article by Kazi  Shahid explains in steps how algae contribute to maintain ocean health and our day to day life.
Blue Economy is much discussed topic around the world so in this issue we have included one topic on Towards a Sustainable Blue Economy Initiative: Discussing Actions for Co-operative Ocean Governance in the Region.
From this edition, we have introduced a new horizon “Window of Coastal Area” containing the article, news and event of coastal area.
We have also accumulated all the important news, events happened over the past quarter, BIMRAD Feats and maritime interesting facts are showcased in the publication to keep the readers informed.
We welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas with us to make this effort worthy. We always value your feedback.
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