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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.


  • The submission (or part of the submission) has not been published previously, nor even was considered by any other journals before and the submission is free from self-plagiarism.

  • Authors, Co-authors and Contributors' information are provided correctly with proper sequence (in chronological order) based on their contributions.  

  • The submission has to be made in a Microsoft Word file based on Journal Template Format.

  • The text should adhere to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines. Where available, URLs for the references have to be provided.

  • Ethical Agreement form is to be signed during submission process. 

  • Names of three prospective reviewers with their emails, affiliation country of origin and reviewing interest are to be provided.


Author Guidelines


General information


Submission process (Initial Submission)


  •  Manuscripts must be submitted following the journal template. Submission is to be made by one of the authors of the manuscript and not by anyone on their behalf. The submitting author (the corresponding author) will take responsibility for the article during submission and peer review process.
  • The submitting author is required to complete, sign and upload the ‘Ethical Agreement’ form.
  •  During the submission of manuscript, Authors are required to upload the details of the three proposed reviewers related to the subject area of the manuscript. 
  • To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, BIMRAD encourages online submission. The website uses a journal management and publishing system that assists at every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through the review and online publication. The submission process is compatible with latest version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and with most other modern web browsers. It can be used from PC, Mac or Unix platforms.
  • Manuscript must be submitted after removal of author(s)' name(s) and affiliation(s) in both MSWord (*.docx) and  PDF (*.pdf) formats.
  • Keywords of the article must be inserted separately (one after the other).
  • Work originality declaration form should be filled properly.


Inclusion of Authors, Co-authors and Contributors information


Inclusion of Co-authors and contributors of a particular submission should follow the ethical and professional norm. To follow the norm, we must keep in mind the following points.


  1. All authors, co-authors, and contributors’ information should be provided properly and correctly during the submission of a manuscript.
  2. After acceptance, authors, co-authors or contributors can not be included or removed for that particular submission.
  3. In the accepted manuscript, the sequence of authors, co-authors and contributors should be same as provided in Metadata during initial submission.
  4. Sequence of participants can be rearranged, and information can be modified any time by providing valid reasons.
  5. All the contributors and sponsors should be appeared in the accepted manuscript with proper acknowledgements.
  6. In the initial (first) submission, manuscript must not contain any information about Authors, Co-authors, contributors, sponsors, institutions or support for double-blind review process.


Downloadable Files

  1. Ethical Agreement (EA) form (Authors need to submit the completed Ethical Agreement form along with the manuscript)
  2. Manuscript Template (Authors need to follow the template in preparing their manuscript)
  3. Response to Reviewers form  (Authors need to follow the template in responding to the reviewers' comments)
  4. Proposed Reviewers form (Authors must submit prospective reviewers details along with the initial submission to BIMRAD


Submission process for revised manuscript based on reviewers' comments


  • Submitting author should log in the BIMRAD website and upload the revised manuscript as an Article text
  • Authors are also required to submit Reviewers’ response along with revised manuscript


Replying to reviewers' comments


Authors are required to use the Response to Reviewers comments


Article types


Authors are to read the descriptions of each of the article type and choose the one appropriate for their article and structure it accordingly. If in doubt, the manuscript should be classified as a Research article, the structure for which is described below.


  • Maritime Governance
  • Maritime Operation (Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief & Salvage)
  • Maritime Terrorism and Piracy
  • Maritime Strategy and Security
  • Climate Change & Adaptation
  • Maritime Strategy and Security
  • Maritime History and Heritage
  • Maritime Environment and Pollution
  • Sea Resources Exploration and Exploitation
  • Maritime Biodiversity
  • Ship Building, Repair and Ship Recycling
  • Maritime Environmental Issues
  • Study on Weapons & Sensors
  • Maritime Tourism & Eco-Tourism Issues
  • Trade and Transport Issues
  • Ports, Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Maritime Environmental Issues
  • Inland Waterways of Bangladesh
  • Coastal Hazards & Disaster Issues
  • Study on Global Maritime Technology Trends 2030
  • Study on Weapons & Sensors
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Ship Design
  • Equipment/ Material Standardization
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Hydro Acoustics and Hydrographic System
  • Oceanography, Hydrology and Meteorology
  • Data Analysis
  • Hydro Acoustics and Hydrographic Survey
  • Oceanography, Hydrograph & Meteorology
  • Equipment/ Material Standardization


Manuscripts submitted to BIMRAD may be divided into the following sections (a tentative guidelines to structuring the manuscript):


  • Title page
  •  Abstract
  • Background/ Introduction
  • Methods/System modeling/Experimental setup
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements 
  • References
  • Figure legends (if any)
  • Tables and captions (if any)


The authors may download the manuscript template (Mac and Windows compatible; Microsoft Word 2007/2010) for their article.



There are no charges (payment) needed for article submission and publication process.


A manuscript undergoes a review process.


All the submitted articles will go through plagiarism (turnitin) check. BIMRAD accepts 20% or below for the similarity report.