Potential of Marine Resources for Sustainable Development of Bangladesh
Author : Md Minarul Hoque
03 Apr 2022

The seas and oceans are earth' greatest sources of biodiversity. Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and 90% of the biosphere. Economic prosperity, society's well-being and quality of life at every level depend on the marine environment. Marine resources encompass valuable materials and attributes that are considered to have some economic significance. Marine resources are increasingly becoming the centre of the focus of every maritime nation as it facilitates the development of a nation. The land resources are depleting quickly. Technological advent is also alluring the nation to explore and exploit marine resources for economic benefit. Marine biotechnology and marine genetic resources, fisheries, renewable and non-renewable energy sand and gravel, sea mining and minerals, tourism potential and unique ecosystems like coral reefs all are included in the categories of marine resources.