Tuna Fisheries Present Scenario of Bangladesh
Author : Afifat Khanam Ritika
03 Apr 2022

Tunas are among the largest, highly valued, most popular and commercially important (Collette 1983) in the international market, primarily found in temperate and tropical oceans around the world. Tuna accounts for one-third of the global marine fisheries exports (DoF). A significant proportion of the world's fishery products come from Tuna species. It has been found that 67% of the world’s tuna catches are made in the Pacific Ocean by Japanese and American fleets, 12% in the Indian Ocean, and 12% in the Atlantic. The Tuna resources of the Indian Ocean are the 2nd largest globally and significantly contribute to food security throughout the region. Neighbouring countries like India and Sri Lanka have developed deep-sea fishing capacity and earned substantial foreign currencies from Tuna fisheries.