The way 2023 can redefine world order
Author : Nur Ahmed
05 Jan 2023

When the world was hit by a common threat to humankind, it was thought to generate a unified response across the globe. It has been more than three years since the onset of the pandemic. It is safe to say that the world is more divided than ever before. Vaccines had become a political tool, and the world was far from seeing a political consensus on fighting against the pandemic. When the world was recovering from the pandemic-induced economic distress, global geopolitics took a defining turn which might be the most significant one in the 21st century. February 24, 2022, will be a defining date in rewriting the geopolitical history of Europe when Russia decided to conduct military operations in Ukraine. It is historically proven that when Europe is at the center of a conflict, the whole world feels the brunt of it. The conflict in Ukraine has had cascading impacts across the globe. It has destabilized the food and energy market, disrupted the global supply chain, and caused staggering inflation worldwide.