Resilience of Marginal Fisher-folks during Fishing Ban
Author : Dr. Mst. Halima Khatun, Research Officer, BIMRAD
24 Jul 2022

Fishing is a source of employment for an impressive segment of the population in our country. The Government imposes an annual 65 days’ ban on marine fishing from May 20 until July 23 as a precautionary approach for the long-term sustainability of aquatic lives, considering the overfished state of marine resources and their conservation. The primary purpose of a ban is to augment marine fish production and replenish the dwindling fish stock in the waters. Habitat restoration from different stresses is also a concern. The ban covers fishing up to 200 nautical miles along the coast. It will be over soon, and we expect to have more marine production. However, the ban might be an additional burden for the climatically stressed debtor coastal fishers. The frustrated voicing of coastal fishers for managing three square meals reminds us of the conflict between resource conservation and community rights. A dilemma has always been there between conservation and livelihood sustainability. In reality, resource conservation sounds worthless when the stomach remains foodless.....