The Sustainability of Ocean: Protector Needs Protection
Author : Dr. Mst. Halima Khatun, Research Officer, BIMRAD
06 Jul 2022

We often blatantly ignore the precautions about irreversible damage to us, whether it's about our life or our environment. For example, "Smoking kills"- does this quote on the cigarette packet refrain us from smoking? Again, the death of millions of people due to Covid worldwide, a terrible experience the world has ever faced, couldn't stop us from doing careless acts. The consequences of the Dengue outbreak could not be a lesson for us about maintaining hygiene. We use tonnes of non-biodegradable polythene bags daily and throw them into nature, acknowledging the possible environmental impacts. However, we can neither ignore our life nor the nature where we live. Sea is one of our great natural resources, which is also considered one of the main steams of economic growth.....