MSP: A Commitment for Sustainable Ocean Use
Author : Afifat Khanam Ritika, Research Officer, BIMRAD
28 Jul 2022

As a maritime nation, Bangladesh covers a sea area of 1, 18813 sq. km, almost equal to its land territory. The Ocean economy plays a vital role in the country's self-sufficiency. Around 18.2 per cent of the country's population depends on the recent ocean economy (World Bank Group, 2018). Nowadays, the 'Blue Economy' is the most emerging term for Bangladesh. The term gained popularity after the successful demarcation of the maritime boundary in 2012 and 2014. Already 26 sectors of the Blue Economy have been identified by the Ministry of Planning, including marine fisheries, oil, gas and minerals, marine tourism, marine port, shipping etc. If development, investment and management occur to boost this ocean economy without set standards and policies, they may lead to short-term gains without adding long-term sustainability.....