Exploring Marine Resources
Author : Afifat Khanam Ritika, Research Officer, BIMRAD
11 Apr 2022

The Bay of Bengal is one of the 64 largest marine ecosystems globally. As a maritime country, Bangladesh has a larger share of the Bay of Bengal, covering 118, 813 sq km, which is almost equal to its land area. This marine area is affluent in fisheries production. It is estimated that production of about 80 lakh MT production from the Bay is possible, whereas among the country's total fish production, 45.03 lakh MT, our Bay contributes only about 7.0 lakh MT. There is a vast gap between the stock availability and estimated catch. Statistics show that inland aquaculture production in the country has increased almost sixfold in the last two decades. On the contrary, marine fish production has remained almost the same during the period. So, where is the gap? Why is marine production not increasing significantly?.....