Critical Factors Identification to Merely Study the Stagnancy of Marine Fisheries Production in Bangladesh

Fisheries is the most important and an already developed sector among 26 maritime sectors in Bangladesh. This project aimed to investigate the factors responsible for the stagnancy of the marine fish catch of Bangladesh during the last 20 years. It will allow the stakeholders to take proper action for sustainable production, exploration, and economic development of the country's marine sector. A significant amount of total production comes from inland aquaculture, and statistics show no significant advancement of marine fisheries contribution with time (in the last two decades). Although a long time has passed, marine fisheries are still in the same position.

This study has identified and explained the factors responsible for the static status of marine fisheries production in Bangladesh and aimed at to identify the gap for flourishing the sector that will ultimately help the stakeholders give more attention to the advancement of the marine fisheries sector to boost up its economy