Guideline Development on “Standard Procedure of Conducting Research for BIMRAD”

BIMRAD is a research-based non-profit organization dedicated to marine research, education, awareness and conservation. BIMRAD is committed to work with its partners and stakeholders from all the sectors and levels – from empowering local communities to bridge with international initiatives – as we strive to find new approaches and expand existing collaborations to transform current exploitative development initiatives towards a sustainable form of growth.  

BIMRAD wants to develop itself as an internationally recognized institute for research and awareness building on maritime issues and a unique platform for networking and sharing knowledge/views towards promoting the national and global maritime interest. BIMRAD is dedicated to conducting research and creating a platform for the maritime thinkers regarding the proper utilization and conservation of marine resources, implementation of policies for the sustainability of the Indian Ocean. We motivate, inform and inspire policymakers, researchers and local communities to pursue present and future research on maritime matters.

Research is the primary consideration for any development in any field. Considering the importance of research, BIMRAD decided to develop a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Research. The Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Research prepared by BIMRAD aimed at to accumulate the whole research process quickly and systemically for the beginners or other young researchers to research without any confusion. This manual guideline will help the researcher from different fields to get a complete and concrete idea about research. BIMRAD has tried to identify problems encountered by young researchers and proffered solutions to those problems.