Maritime Safety Protocol for Fisherman to Fight Against COVID -19

Health and safety issues of the community fisher folks are at risk which eventually affect their livelihood. The coastal community lacked the very basic protection skills. The project was launched to provide guidelines and teach the COVID - 19 maritime safety protocol to cover the maximum number of risks with the minimum number of regulations. Training on computer skill development and English language skills were provided to some volunteers from the community so that they become confident to get access online telemedicine facility through zoom and WhatsApp. People in remote areas were not able to afford this service. The project telemedicine service had brought a change to the community population. Volunteers were also trained up about the basic healthcare on how to use face masks, wash hands with soap, and to prepare soapy water, and wash hands by experts. The volunteers covered about 400 families and taught them how to maintain hygiene protection against COVID 19 and combat domestic violence. Face masks, gloves, PPE, educational materials, sanitizers, disinfectant and soapy water were distributed to the communing aiming at their personal health security. The project was completed on 27 Dec 2020 with the coordination of One Young World, UK. BIMRAD took part in this great initiative to support the coastal people.