No Place to Call Home: Historical Context, Statelessness and Contemporary Security Challenges of Rohingya Refugee Crisis

The Rohingya refugee issue is a long-standing unresolved protracted refugee situation. It has been one of the world’s most significant refugee crises. The persecution of Rohingyas has made them live in inhuman conditions without basic rights and protection of the state, while being subjected to continuous violence which led to expulsion from their lands to neighbouring states like Bangladesh. Despite Bangladesh’s resource scarcity, it has been forced to accommodate close to a million Rohingya refugees. The Rohingya refugee population has also put an additional burden on Bangladesh’s national budget. The project would tap into these two important issues to understand the whole Rohingya issue in the context of history and contemporary politics of Myanmar. It would analyze the role of legal frameworks within Myanmar behind Rohingya statelessness and positions of various actors in Myanmar in maintaining the status quo on the Rohingya question. Finally, it would shed light on the security issues in Bangladesh because of the presence of Rohingya refugees.